Reminders: Camp Yodie

  • All camp activities start at 8:30 AM. Please make sure that your child is in school by this time in order to take part in all the camp activities. Please make sure to hang up your camp calendar somewhere where you can see it so that you will be able to see and follow what your child will be doing for the day and what your child may need to bring in for each day’s activities.
  • Please do not let your child wear sandals to school. For your child’s safety, only closed-toed shoes are the acceptable form of footwear throughout the year.Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 2.16.41 PM
  • Please also properly label your child’s swimwear and towels in a plastic bag. Swimsuits are a requirement for all water play days. Please also bring extra clothing to change into after water play.

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