Parent Reminders

~~ Please make sure that you pull the front door all the way shut until it clicks when you come in or out.  This is for your child and all our children’s safety.

Please do not let strangers in when you enter, if you do not know them.  Please alert a staff member and we will address the visitor.

Thank you for your cooperation


~Please make sure your child has weather appropriate change of clothes at school.

~Please make sure that your child has the following items in their cubby at all times: 

Extra Clothes
Crib Sized Blanket and Sheet
Pillow Case
*It is important that all items are properly labeled with their name.

~Classes start at 8:30 AM, so please bring your child to school on time so that they can best benefit from our academic program.

~Please walk your child(ren) to their classes.  Please do not let them go to class on their own.  When picking up your child, please make sure that they stay with you as well.  This is for their safety.

~Please update us with your latest information in your child’s file in case of an emergency.
There is a file update sheet up at the front desk.

~Please make sure you sign your child in and out on a daily basis. Please write down the time of drop off and pick-up as well. Thank you.

~If your child has fever or diarrhea, please keep them at home to rest.
Any and all medication must have a prescription in order for us to dispense it to your child.
An authorization form needs to be filled out.
You can find these up at the front desk.

~Please be gentle with the front door and do not bang on the door.
Gently key in your code and make a complete right turn before pulling the door open

~Please walk your children to their classroom(s).
Please do not leave them to go to class on their own.

~Share Day is ONLY on FRIDAY.

~Please make sure that when bringing in your child’s lunchbox/bag, that EVERYTHING is labeled with their First and Last Name or Last Initial:  The bag, the box, any tupperware, lid, bottom, etc.  Please also make sure that any necessary utensils are included.