Camp Yodie

KiDDY TyME Childcare/Learning Center provides a yearly summer camp for ages up to 6 years during the months of July and August.  It is structured to reinforce the fall and winter sessions while providing a lighter camp-like atmosphere.  It encompasses various activities, including organized sports, special guest shows, and an end of summer camp party!

Camp fees include two months of summertime activities as well as a Camp Yodie T-shirt.

To Conserve Water during the Drought, we decided not to add any water play activities to our summer camp this year.  Small changes can make big difference, thank you for your support!


Summer Camp_2022_Calendar_043022-01


Summer Camp_2022_Calendar_043022-02

3 thoughts on “Camp Yodie

  1. This is one my favorite tretas to have when i go camping i’m like a big ole’ kid when we get to start making these what we do is simple we get one of those s’mores kits from the grocery store & use that that way it’s easy to pack & we dont forget anything. Now we do bring extra graham crackers tho just in case lol Then from there is just assemble (graham crackers, chocolate squares, & marshmellows) & hold with thongs (really long ones)over the fire flipping every now & again to keep from burning. Once it starts to melt a bit & gets sticky its done let cool a sec & serve milk is nice to have with it to me +2Was this answer helpful?

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