Kiddy Tyme Alumni!

There is a wonderful benefit to have being open for almost twenty years.  Have you read our Alumni Page?  Check it out here.  Read about our little Naima and many other alumni, all grown up now!  If you are a Kiddy Tyme Kid (Always a Kiddy Tyme Kid), let us know how you’re doing too!

Naima M.

How was your experience at Kiddy Tyme?
“I’m not even sure how to describe Kiddy Tyme, it was the best part of my childhood! I loved coming here every morning to the happy faces of Miss Jessica, Miss Andrea, Mrs. Mary, and all the others. I made some amazing friends and memories here, and I honestly think I would be a somewhat different person if I had went to a different day care. I would love to comeback sometime and make other children just as happy as I was here.”

When did you graduate from Kiddy Tyme?     2002

What are you up to now?

“I am a junior in high school (11th grade).”

How did your experience at Kiddy Tyme benefit you after leaving?

“Kiddy Tyme benefitted me in almost every way. I learned so much here! I thank Kiddy Tyme for my social skills, academic skills, creativity, patience, courage, everything! It’s been 11 years since I left, yet I still remember almost everything. Not to sound self centered, but I also remember going to elementary school and I couldn’t help but feel more advanced than the others. Kiddy Tyme taught me things that I couldn’t learn anywhere else. 

Sometimes when I have an issue, i wish that I was 4 years old again, playing in the “Village” with all my friends and not caring about anything but having fun, and sliding into the lovely ball pit! Hahaha ooooh i miss those days.”

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