Happy 15th Anniversary Kiddy Tyme!

We officially opened in January of 1996 with classes ranging from infant to preschool. About five years ago, KiDDY TyME incorporated pre-kinder and kindergarten classes. Today, many of our Kiddy Tyme Graduates have been at the school from infancy to Kindergarten and excel or even skip first grade because of our academic focus on math and reading. We begin teaching these fundamentals in preschool, pre-kinder and kindergarten.

Ms. Mary, our director, has been with us since we’ve opened, so many parents and students have gotten to know her over the years. She is well known in the Montebello school district and she has seen everyone come and grow!

Thank you to our hard working staff and parents for all the years of teaching, cooperation, and love.

Happy 15th Anniversary KiDDY TyME!

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